General Information


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A current passport is required for all travelers. In most situations, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months following the traveler’s scheduled return date.  

Furthermore, some foreign destinations may require additional documentation (i.e. proof of perm residency, visa, etc.) to enter the country.  Please contact your government consulate for the exact documents necessary for travel as it is the traveler’s responsibility to verify and obtain all necessary documentation prior to departure.

Here is a link to the U.S. Department – Bureau of Consular Affairs Click Here.


Although travel insurance is not a requirement, we strongly encourage you to purchase a plan to cover unexpected events.   A vacation is a financial investment that you would not want to lose because you are forced to cancel your trip. 

Travel insurance plans can include reimbursement for things such as: a trip delay, baggage delay, missed connection, non-refundable costs, medical emergencies just to name a few.

When purchasing any kind of travel insurance/protection, you want to make sure to read the details so you know what is and is not covered.

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Why should I book through your agency?

What is generally the most stressful/challenging part of going on any vacation?  More than likely, you will answer “It's arranging all the details and getting everything booked.”  Not to mention if an unexpected change comes up and you need to make new arrangements, you only need to make one call (to us).   Utilizing our services means you don’t have to deal with all those challenges.  Tell us what you are looking for, and we will do all the leg work to present you with the vacation you were looking for.

Not to mention:

  • Personalized Service, you don’t have to call a call center or wait on hold for an hour to speak to someone.
  • Saves you time (and time is money).
  • Access to special rates and perks not generally available to the public.
  • Access to inventory allocated to non-consumer wholesalers
  • Ability to handle small to large group bookings.
  • Peace of mind – we continue to provide support from when you leave until you are back home.

Does it cost me anything to use your agency?

For a majority of requests (probably 95% or more), there would be no cost at all for our services. However, for the other 5% or less, we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee based on the complexity of the situation. We would communicate to you if the situation warranted a fee.

Can you book flights?

Yes, we can book your flights if it is part of a package or have a hotel/cruise component also being booked.  We will not just book flight-only trips. 

*Note: Airline miles or certificate flights would have to be booked directly by you as we would not have access.

Do you offer travel insurance and/or trip protection?

If the vacation seller is offering any trip protection plans, we will let you know your options.  We can also get a quote from an insurance company that specializes in travel and might have additional benefits not always available with a trip protection plan.